SuperStrain 1.0

Strain sensor with high flexibility for monitoring motion and movements.


Introducing the SUPERSTRAIN 1.0 – a high-flexibility strain sensor designed for monitoring motion and movements. Developed by CyboSense, this groundbreaking sensor is just the first in a line of upgraded versions to come. With its affordability and versatility, it has quickly become the go-to choice in the market. The SUPERSTRAIN 1.0 stands out with its ability to bend up to 90 degrees and stretch up to 150% without compromising any of its functionalities. This cutting-edge technology has been rigorously tested, verified, and published in high-impact journals.

The length of the sensor can be tailored to your specific requirements, making it easily adaptable for different applications. Patient-friendly and skin-compatible, the sensor can be effortlessly worn on the skin or seamlessly integrated into textiles and garments.


Precise measurements

Capable of detecting even the smallest movements down to the micrometer regime.

Resilient and flexible

Can stretch up to 150% without losing functionality, and fully recovers both mechanically and electrically after being stretched to its limits.

Customizable dimensions

Designed to fit your unique needs, allowing for tailored applications.

Versatile integration

Can be effortlessly woven into various textiles such as gloves, t- shirts, and socks.


Provides a cost-effective option while maintaining superior performance.


Ideal for motion tracking and analysis.


Motion sensing

Ideal for motion tracking and analysis.

Sports and entertainment

Great for monitoring the performance of athletes, musicians, and virtual gaming experiences.


Medical applications

Enables accurate monitoring of patient movements and rehabilitation progress.


Essential for remote robotics, allowing precise control and feedback.

To suit your specific application needs, customized dimensions and shapes can be produced upon request. We are also more than happy to discuss and develop sensor solutions tailored to your unique requirements. For further information and an official quote, please feel free to reach out to We look forward to assisting you with your strain sensor needs.