Living Electronics


A skin-like electronic material for tomorrow’s digital society.


Introducing the CareGum – the world’s first living gum with skin-inspired properties. Developed by #TeamBioEngine, this remarkable material possesses similar characteristics to natural skin, including its ability to sense pressure, strain, temperature, and biochemical changes. With a stretching capacity of 20000%, immediate self-healing capabilities, and compatibility with polymers, metals, and human tissues, the CareGum sets a new standard in the field of alive electronic materials. As CyboSense’s preferred choice for designing the next generation of electronics, the CareGum offers affordability, multifunctionality, and unparalleled versatility, meeting the demands of tomorrow’s digital society. The length of the CareGum can be customized to suit specific requirements, making it easily adaptable for various applications. Skin-compatible and patient-friendly, it can be seamlessly integrated into textiles and garments or worn directly on the skin.


Multiplex sensing capacity

The CareGum can accurately sense a wide range of parameters, including humidity, pressure, strain, temperature, pH value, glucose, dopamine, L-Dopa, human proteins, ascorbic acid, and hydrogen peroxide.

Resilient and flexible

With the ability to stretch up to 200000% and bend up to 90 degrees, the CareGum is highly versatile.


Moldable and capable of 3D printing into complex shapes without compromising its sensing capabilities.

Versatile integration

Effortlessly woven into various textiles such as gloves, t-shirts, and socks, the CareGum can also adhere to metals, polymers, and tissues.

Cost-effective and scalable

The CareGum offers a cost-effective solution without compromising performance, making it ideal for mass production.


Physical sensing

Perfect for environmental monitoring due to its pH, temperature, and pressure sensitivity.

Tissue adhesive

Can be used to heal and bond broken tissues.


Medical applications

Enables accurate monitoring of various biological disease parameters.

Robotic skin

Provides artificial skin for robots, imparting lifelike attributes.

To suit your specific application needs, customized dimensions and shapes can be produced upon request. We are also more than happy to discuss and develop sensor solutions tailored to your unique requirements. For further information and an official quote, please feel free to reach out to We look forward to assisting you with your living electronics needs.